Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

As we note in our Sexual Assault Desk Reference, it is incredibly crucial that male victims of Sexual Assault are not treated as a footnote to the discussion of sexual assault as a whole.  Many victims of sexual assault are male, and the perpetrators of these crimes can be male or female.  Treating these relatively common cases of male sexual assault as if they are marginalized and isolated incidents is only contributing to the stigma that keeps male victims silent and untreated far too often.

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Intimate Partner Violence Takes the Life of E’dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman

E’dena Hines, actress and step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, died at the hands of her boyfriend this past weekend.  While little information has been released on the nature of the brutal attack, sources report that Hines’ live-in boyfriend stabbed her to death in front of their home at 3 A.M. Sunday morning, shouting religious statements as if he were attempting an exorcism.Read More »

Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

Substance abuse can have both a causal and effective relationship with violence.  Certain traits associated with substance abuse are very similar to those associated with violence, including loss of control, preoccupation, or obsession.  Both domestic abuse victims and substance abusers tend to tolerate adverse consequences for small but addictive rewards (i.e. the high or numbness created by the substance or the occasional affection of the abuser).  While domestic abuse is never the fault of the victim, substance abusers may be more likely to tolerate unhealthy relationships due to impaired judgment or poor financial situations, and some substance users are more likely to become perpetrators of violence as well.  Certain substances, including alcohol, can cause some users to act violently.  Read More »

PTSD and Intimate Partner Violence

When the media, treatment programs, and the general public address issues of domestic violence, it is common that the focus remains on physical abuse alone.  While physical abuse is incredibly harmful and is indeed one important issue in domestic violence, studies have proven that other types of abuse not involving physical harm can be just a psychologically damaging and disturbingly common.  Read More »

Fitness Blogger’s Powerful Escape from Domestic Violence

In many ways, Emma Murphy epitomizes strength.  As a fitness blogger followed by thousands, she is always bright-eyed and inspirational as far as one could tell by her online presence.  The usually composed and confident mother of two exposed her vulnerable side and reached thousands yesterday with her tearful confession that she has been in an abusive relationship for over three years, and her brave announcement that she was now walking away.Read More »