Different Types of Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses

In consideration to the rising issue of sexual assault, prevention efforts have been made in campuses across the country within the last several years. Prevention efforts target three main audiences: potential perpetrators, potential victims, and bystanders. We will break down how prevention efforts are catered to each of these audiences and their rate of success, as outlined in our latest textbook, Sexual Assault 2E, Volume 3: Special Settings and Survivor Populations.Read More »


Sexual Assault in Correctional Facilities

Since the establishment of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in 2003 and the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC), the issue of sexual assault in correctional facilities (including prison, jail, juvenile detention, etc.) has been addressed with the goal in mind to reduce the rate of assaults, protect individuals at risk, and prevent it from happening in the first place. In our new Sexual Assault Second Edition, Volume 3, we have information that specifically tackles the issue of sexual assault in correctional facilities and suggests ways to promote safety, making reporting easier for victims.Read More »

Unique Dynamics and Barriers in Sexual Assault Cases

After the act of assault, around 70% of victims do not go on to report the incident according to RAINN. There are several reasons why victims do not report, many of which are fueled by fear and dismissal. Reasons include fear of not being believed, concern their victimization might be made public, fear of physical repercussions by the perpetrator, fear of re-victimization during legal procedures, and the lack of ability to identify oneself as a victim.Read More »

The Traumatic Nature of Sexual Assault

For sexual assault victims, the amount of time it takes to recover cannot be calculated. Sexual assault affects the victim in different aspects, including physically, mentally, and socially. Some aspects of a person’s character take longer to repair than others. After an assault or any other type of traumatic experience, the victim has to readjust nearly every part of who they are. To better aid victims in the recovery process, it is important to understand the trauma caused by sexual assault and how it is developed.Read More »

Sex Workers and Rape

The stories of sex workers who have experienced rape are abundant and yet often cruelly dismissed. This is evidenced by the public responses to many cases, including recently when multiple porn stars accused fellow star James Deen of rape.  Porn stars and prostitutes are often disregarded because of the social stigma on their work, and because of the altogether incorrect notion that rape is only significant when it happens to the sexually inexperienced.Read More »

Support for Sexual Assault Victims Takes Center Stage at the Oscars

Last night’s 88th Academy Awards ceremony has been generating buzz for months now for two primary reasons: the lack of diversity among nominees launched a conversation about race and white privilege in Hollywood, and fans all over the internet have been full of excitement for Leonardo DiCaprio’s opportunity (and victory) in finally securing the coveted Best Actor award that many feel he has deserved for decades now.  The racial controversy was heavily addressed and the show brought even more issues to the conversation, such as climate change on which DiCaprio gave a riveting speech upon receiving his award, and sexual assault.Read More »

Judge Denies Kesha Separation from Sony in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations

As we’ve written about before, singer/songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert (known by fans as simply Kesha) has been locked in a legal battle to be released from her contract with Sony producer Dr. Luke who she says raped, sexually harassed, and emotionally abused her throughout her career.  Kesha’s contract requires her to record six more albums with Dr. Luke effectively putting her career on hold pending an injunction which was denied by the New York Supreme Court’s Shirley Kornreich this past Friday.Read More »