Introducing Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment 2E

The second edition of Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment challenges forensic examiners to refine and apply their skills in sexual assault evaluation to a series of peer-reviewed studies in the identification and analysis of case findings related to sexual assault.Read More »


Prevention of Child Maltreatment

At the heart of child maltreatment prevention is the idea that we can reduce the number of occurrences by tracking the source and stopping it before it happens. With the information presented in our two new titles, this can be accomplished by hard-working professionals who intend to reduce the rate of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment. This anecdote, featured in volume 1, details how this can happen:Read More »

Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Lifespan

A complete desk-reference for sexual assault of all kinds, our two-volume Sexual Assault set is a necessity for anyone involved in the sexual assault screening, treating, or investigation process.  The multidisciplinary guide includes information necessary for physicians, EMTs, nurses, social service agencies, judges, and law enforcement to identifying and understanding sexual assault in victims of all ages.

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Recognition of Child Abuse for the Mandated Reporter

School officials, medical professionals, social workers, all of these and many more are legally mandated reporters of abuse, but the rate at which abuse gets reported is disturbingly low.  Many professionals still believe that it is not their place to intervene despite their status as mandated reporters.  Reporting suspected abuse is always the right decision, and the process is simpler than many think.  Our guide to Child Abuse for the Mandated Reporter is easy to read and can be distributed to the entire staff of any organization in order to prepare them to become mandated reporters. Read More »