#WhenIWas Sheds Light on Sexual Harassment of Youth

Thanks to Everyday Sexism, an online project dedicated to collecting real stories of sexism and sexual harassment, both women and men who have experienced sexual harassment or assault have been empowered to expose how early in life many people are faced with these issues.  Using the hashtag #WhenIWas, Twitter users are encouraged to share what age they were when they first encountered sexual harassment or assault.Read More »


‘One Love’ to Stop Dating Violence

Adolescents and young adults are at an especially high risk for dating violence, and this topic is very important to us.  We have published multiple articles on the topic, and many of our prevention and treatment textbooks such as Violence Against Women and Intimate Partner Violence contain chapters on Adolescent Dating Violence.  Our spotlight today is on One Love, a movement advocating for widespread awareness of the early signs of dating violence.Read More »

Child Abuse Survivors are ‘No Longer Silenced’

A hallmark of abuse is silencing the victim.  Victims of all sorts of abuse commonly feel that their voice is one of the most powerful things taken from them, that they were either silenced or discredited during their abuse.  It is a topic that comes up again and again in discussing domestic or child abuse, the feeling of hopelessness that comes with the inability to speak out against the abuser.  Read More »

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Aims to Help Domestic Abuse Victims

Their vision is simple and admirable.  “A community free of violence and abuse.” In the United Arab Emirates, the first ever non-profit organization to benefit women and children affected by domestic abuse  has been working proudly towards their goal since 2007, and has helped hundreds of women and children recover from verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.  Read More »

The Date Safe Project Aims to Educate About Consent and Respect

Around 2/3 of Americans are unaware of what constitutes sexual consent, and we’ve written before about the importance of keeping people informed.  The Date Safe Project aims to do just that.  Created after founder Mike Domitrz found out that his sister had been sexually assaulted, the project attempts to teach individuals and institutions about respectful dating practices and active consent.Read More »

‘That’s Not Cool’ Campaign to Educate Teens about Dating Violence

Teens are at a high risk for dating violence, and often, especially with rapid changes in technology in today’s society, it can be complicated to know what is and is not appropriate within the bounds of a relationship.  With social media and texting being such a big part of a teenager’s life, whole new ethical issues arise in young relationships.  Is it a kind of abuse to share private photos or conversations saved online?  Is it a sign of an abusive power dynamic if a partner demands your Facebook password?Read More »