New Digital Resource for Domestic Violence Victims in Canada

A new online experiment hopes to help victims of Domestic Violence in Canada be safe and secure whether or not they are prepared to leave their violent partners.Read More »


Intimate Partner Violence Takes the Life of E’dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman

E’dena Hines, actress and step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, died at the hands of her boyfriend this past weekend.  While little information has been released on the nature of the brutal attack, sources report that Hines’ live-in boyfriend stabbed her to death in front of their home at 3 A.M. Sunday morning, shouting religious statements as if he were attempting an exorcism.Read More »

Revenge Porn to be Outlawed in Louisiana

Sharing nude or suggestive photos with the public against the will of the subject is a topic that has been causing a lot of debate over the past few years.  With smartphones and texting, sending nude pictures to lovers and potential romance partners has become increasingly common, and it has been an unfortunate side effect of this phenomenon that these pictures are often leaked to the public in an attempt to shame the individual sending them or to inhibit their professional image.  This is commonly referred to as “revenge porn.”Read More »

House Supports Bill to Defend Veteran Sexual Assault Survivors

We have spoken before about how abuse and sexual assault can cause PTSD in domestic violence survivors, but victims of intimate partner violence are not the only ones suffering from the disorder following sexual assault.  A bill supported by the House of Representatives as of Monday would force the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to identify sexual assault as a cause of mental illness in the military.Read More »

ALP Proposes Domestic Violence Leave

The Australian Labor Party has just held its 47th National Conference this past weekend.  Among the many issues discussed in the conference was a proposal to offer paid leave to domestic violence victims which would include psychological treatment and legal services.  Similar laws have been proposed in the United States with twelve states implementing them already at the time of this writing.Read More »

Report Proposes Free Legal Representation for Domestic Violence Survivors

One of the most common reasons that domestic violence victims do not leave their situation is financial hopelessness.  Many victims depend on their abusive partner financially, or do not have the funds necessary to pursue legal action against their abuser.  Without the law’s protection, often victims feel that leaving an abusive situation would actually be less safe, potentially angering the partner and having no legal record of abuse to dissuade the perpetrator from continuing the abusive behavior.Read More »

Fitness Blogger’s Powerful Escape from Domestic Violence

In many ways, Emma Murphy epitomizes strength.  As a fitness blogger followed by thousands, she is always bright-eyed and inspirational as far as one could tell by her online presence.  The usually composed and confident mother of two exposed her vulnerable side and reached thousands yesterday with her tearful confession that she has been in an abusive relationship for over three years, and her brave announcement that she was now walking away.Read More »