How A Child’s Health Is Impacted by Domestic Violence

Children, especially early in their lives, learn their most important lessons from their parents.  However, if they’re learning from parents involved in domestic violence, the outcome can be more damaging than people believe. Many children exposed to domestic violence are affected by its outcome in each stage of life, including adulthood. In this post, we’re going to focus on how children’s health is impacted by domestic violence.Read More »

Domestic Violence a Problem in Homeless Shelters

We have discussed before the way the threat of homelessness can compel victims of domestic violence to remain in abusive relationships, and how domestic violence can often result in homelessness for the victim.  According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, over 60% of homeless women have been victims of domestic violence.  But for many, abuse continues after becoming homeless as well.  Recent studies conducted in New York City have found that domestic abuse in homeless shelters has become a troublingly common problem.Read More »

Judge Denies Kesha Separation from Sony in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations

As we’ve written about before, singer/songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert (known by fans as simply Kesha) has been locked in a legal battle to be released from her contract with Sony producer Dr. Luke who she says raped, sexually harassed, and emotionally abused her throughout her career.  Kesha’s contract requires her to record six more albums with Dr. Luke effectively putting her career on hold pending an injunction which was denied by the New York Supreme Court’s Shirley Kornreich this past Friday.Read More »

Non-Fatal Strangulation Laws and Domestic Violence

This week is the anniversary of the attack which ultimately led to the death of Monica Weber-Jeter, a medical assistant and mother of five whose husband killed her after being released from prison on a charge of misdemeanor assault.  Her abusive husband served 11 days in jail for strangling Weber-Jeter and went on to stab her and leave her bleeding and in critical condition in front of two of their children.  She died a month later from the injury.  Read More »

Domestic Violence Turns Fatal for ‘Ghost Adventures’ Stars

Sadly, we’ve seen similar stories too many times to count.  Quite recently, with the death of actress E’dena Hines, granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, we used our Intimate Partner Violence guide to explain how Domestic Violence can turn fatal and how to identify the signs.  Unfortunately, now we must revisit the topic due to the death of Mark and Debby Constantino.  The paranormal investigators from the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have both lost their lives in what has been determined to be years of domestic violence culminating in a tragic murder/suicide.

Read More »