Translating Justice Initiative Aims to Help Deaf Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Deaf and Hearing-Impaired women are 1.5 times more likely to experience domestic or sexual abuse in their lifetime.  Unfortunately, increased risk of abuse is not the only obstacle that the deaf community faces when it comes to this kind of violence, because deaf people often face communication issues when reporting which can make the process even more difficult.  Many police officers and other professionals lack the training to communicate effectively with deaf people or to provide sign language interpreters, and most domestic violence shelters are similarly unprepared.Read More »

Judge Denies Kesha Separation from Sony in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations

As we’ve written about before, singer/songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert (known by fans as simply Kesha) has been locked in a legal battle to be released from her contract with Sony producer Dr. Luke who she says raped, sexually harassed, and emotionally abused her throughout her career.  Kesha’s contract requires her to record six more albums with Dr. Luke effectively putting her career on hold pending an injunction which was denied by the New York Supreme Court’s Shirley Kornreich this past Friday.Read More »

How Consent Education Could Stop Sexual Assault on College Campuses

There have been many high-profile cases of sexual assault on college campuses this past year as well as many powerful stories about victims taking a stand against their abusers to get legal justice for suffering their victimization, but accompanying these stories are always some negative responses.  Assertions that it was the victim’s fault or that the victim is overreacting are all too common in these situations.Read More »

The Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims, as Evidenced by Kesha’s Case

Social media has been ablaze with support today for singer/songwriter Kesha who, after allegedly enduring years of sexual assault from her producer, has decided to press charges, but unfortunately the artist is suffering even more.  While her legal team fights for her to escape from her contract with Dr. Luke, the producer who has allegedly raped and abused her, Kesha is legally forbidden from furthering her musical career pending an injunction.

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Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

As we note in our Sexual Assault Desk Reference, it is incredibly crucial that male victims of Sexual Assault are not treated as a footnote to the discussion of sexual assault as a whole.  Many victims of sexual assault are male, and the perpetrators of these crimes can be male or female.  Treating these relatively common cases of male sexual assault as if they are marginalized and isolated incidents is only contributing to the stigma that keeps male victims silent and untreated far too often.

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Sexual Assault:Victimization Across the Life-Span

A complete desk-reference for sexual assault of all kinds, our two-volume Sexual Assault set is a necessity for anyone involved in the sexual assault screening, treating, or investigation process.  The multidisciplinary guide includes information necessary for physicians, EMTs, nurses, social service agencies, judges, and law enforcement to identifying and understanding sexual assault in victims of all ages.

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