Screening for Teen Dating Violence

Stepping in for a teen at the early stages of dating when there is perceived unhealthy or violent behavior can prevent re-victimization and equip teens with the knowledge of what a healthy relationship is and is not. For adolescents at this pivotal age, health care professionals can be an important player in the recognition and treatment of abuse. In this post, we will explore the screening of teen dating violence for health care professionals as it is outlined in our Intimate Partner Violence textbook.Read More »

Domestic Violence a Problem in Homeless Shelters

We have discussed before the way the threat of homelessness can compel victims of domestic violence to remain in abusive relationships, and how domestic violence can often result in homelessness for the victim.  According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, over 60% of homeless women have been victims of domestic violence.  But for many, abuse continues after becoming homeless as well.  Recent studies conducted in New York City have found that domestic abuse in homeless shelters has become a troublingly common problem.Read More »

Utah Bill Could Make Treatment Optional for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Bill SB 206, being proposed in Utah, would serve to make changes to the release procedure of prisoners convicted of domestic violence, including forcing them to sign away rights to contact the victim upon release from prison.  The bill seems to have good chances of passing, however one small change could make a huge difference in how domestic violence cases are prosecuted, and many domestic violence advocates feel it would be a step in the wrong direction.Read More »

What to Do When a Male Victim Discloses Domestic Violence

While many people still think of domestic violence as a women’s issue, there are many instances in which the victim of intimate partner violence is male.  This is the case in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships.  While it is common for all domestic violence cases to go unreported, this can be especially true for cases in which the victim is male, as stigma often perpetuates the false ideas that men cannot be victims or should be able to handle it.

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Domestic Violence Turns Fatal for ‘Ghost Adventures’ Stars

Sadly, we’ve seen similar stories too many times to count.  Quite recently, with the death of actress E’dena Hines, granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, we used our Intimate Partner Violence guide to explain how Domestic Violence can turn fatal and how to identify the signs.  Unfortunately, now we must revisit the topic due to the death of Mark and Debby Constantino.  The paranormal investigators from the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have both lost their lives in what has been determined to be years of domestic violence culminating in a tragic murder/suicide.

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Why She Doesn’t Leave: The Barriers to Ending Domestic Violence

The solution to domestic violence can seem so simple that some find it difficult to empathize with victims.  Leaving the partner, it would seem, would end the violent partnership and save the victim.  This is a commonly held yet oversimplified view and there are a lot of reasons why leaving a violent intimate partnership is much more difficult than ending a relatively healthy intimate partnership.  Read More »

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Aims to Help Domestic Abuse Victims

Their vision is simple and admirable.  “A community free of violence and abuse.” In the United Arab Emirates, the first ever non-profit organization to benefit women and children affected by domestic abuse  has been working proudly towards their goal since 2007, and has helped hundreds of women and children recover from verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.  Read More »

Intimate Partner Violence Takes the Life of E’dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman

E’dena Hines, actress and step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, died at the hands of her boyfriend this past weekend.  While little information has been released on the nature of the brutal attack, sources report that Hines’ live-in boyfriend stabbed her to death in front of their home at 3 A.M. Sunday morning, shouting religious statements as if he were attempting an exorcism.Read More »