Trauma Informed Care With Children

When working with victims of abuse, it is essential to maintain an atmosphere that allows for safety and trust. When handled properly, victims can not only come forward with their case, but they can share vital details to the multidisciplinary team that works to investigate and diagnose these cases. For children, maintaining care and trust after a traumatic event of abuse, neglect, or violence is especially important. As outlined in our newest book, Child Abuse Quick Reference Third Edition, we offer some tips for the best follow-up care with children after a traumatic incidence. Read More »


Preventing Domestic Violence Exposure to Children

To stop child maltreatment at the source, efforts must be made not only to educate the general public but parents who are at higher risk of causing maltreatment as well. Within this population are parents engaged in domestic violence which children are exposed to. We have discussed before how domestic violence affects children in the home. Now, in our new Child Maltreatment Prevention textbook, efforts are outlined as to how domestic violence can be prevented, which can also prevent harm to children in the home.

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