Introducing the Child Abuse Quick Reference, Third Edition

Learn more about our recently published book, Child Abuse Quick Reference, Third Edition. Read More »


Understanding the Importance of SANE-SAFEs

As an essential part of the actions focused towards helping victims, SANEs (sexual assault nurse examiners) and SAFEs (sexual assault forensic examiner) make up a segment of the SART (sexual assault response team). This blog will explore what they do and their importance in victim assistance, as outlined in our textbook, Sexual Assault 2E, Vol. 1: The Multidisciplinary Team.Read More »

Resiliency and Risk Factors in Child Maltreatment

In the wake of experiencing child maltreatment, children and adolescents have to make their way back to normalcy in a pace that works for them. Their resiliency, among other things, aids those affected by child maltreatment, or any other form of abuse, violence, or maltreatment. Resiliency gets them to a state of being that creates a feeling of safety and security with their surroundings and with themselves. This blog post will go over what ensures positive steps forward, as outlined in our Mental Health Issues of Child Maltreatment textbook.Read More »