Honoring the work of Dr. Rich Kaplan

Today, on the third year of Dr. Rich Kaplan’s unfortunate passing, we want to honor his life by giving insight to the incredible impact he’s had and what he’s done for child advocacy.

Rich Kaplan was a board-certified pediatric child abuse specialist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Center for Safe and Healthy Children at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, and Associate Medical Director at Midwest Children’s Resource Center. He worked with victims of child abuse for over 30 years, first as a social worker and then, for the rest of his career, as a pediatrician. In addition to his work in general pediatrics, Dr. Kaplan was a pioneer in the field of child abuse pediatrics, being among the earliest certified in that specialty. He was internationally recognized as a leading figure in pediatric medicine and received many awards and honors for his dedication to the field.

In addition to his tremendous work as a child abuse specialist, we had the privilege to work with him here at STM Learning. CEO and Publisher Glenn Whaley describes Rich as a great man and friend who was charismatic and always wonderful to be around. They met at child advocacy conference before Rich started working at STM where he co-authored two of our books–Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse Pocket Atlas: Sexual Abuse. Rich always had a sunny disposition and delightful sense of humor when trying to gather work from contributors. Rich would often turn asking for edits into poems. We’ve listed some of our favorites to shed light on his whimsical misdemeanor.


excellent chapters

do take time to pen with skill

I wait to be awed


waiting for dear friends

to send me their revisions

seems endless to me



rich kaplin
Dr. Rich Kaplan


Yet again you’re hearing from me

A tired yet poetic plea

The time to be done

Has now come and gone

We need to work seriously



When you ask me how the book is going

We’re slightly over halfway there

This report’s not exactly glowing

And we’re running out of time to spare

If you’re still in the half that’s not complete

There’s no need to feel contrite

Just sit right down and get off your feet

And compel your tired self to write


I know the work can be quite daunting

And I’m not helping with this rhyme

As everyone it seems is wanting

Pieces of your precious time


I’m sure you’re getting tired of my mail

But I won’t let this project fail



My friend, my author

Hope you are nearing closure

On your fine chapter



my very good friends

I trust you are doing well

I need revisions



Chapters arriving

Of excellent quality

We are nearly there


We all miss Rich and his work in child pediatrics. His work will not be forgotten.




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