5 Years Later, Woman Charged in Daycare Death


Back in 2009, Lisa West, a daycare provider in Wentzville Missouri, was caring for an 18-month-old child when he died of blunt force trauma. 
West claimed that the child had fallen down stairs and was not charged at the time.  Three years later, the family was awarded a settlement over $700,000 for negligence, and in 2014 was finally convicted of the child’s wrongful death.

The Saint Charles County medical examiner Mary Case, a lead author of ours at STM Learning, determined that the child’s injuries were indicative of an inflicted injury and could not have been caused by a fall down the stairs.  The injuries occurred within minutes of the child arriving at the unlicensed daycare.

Cases like these, where the cause of death in children is so crucial, serve as a reminder of the importance of Child Fatality Review teams, who analyze the deaths of children and ensure that they are properly tried, and that precautions can be made to prevent further deaths in the future.  For this purpose, Mary Case and STM Learning developed our comprehensive Child Fatality Review guide.


Targeted at all members of CFR teams, this desk reference is the only resource of its kind on the market.  This resource can be a tremendous aid in trials such as this one,  and help identofy causes of death and patterns in child fatality to prevent the deaths of as many children as possible.


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