5 Years Later, Woman Charged in Daycare Death


Back in 2009, Lisa West, a daycare provider in Wentzville Missouri, was caring for an 18-month-old child when he died of blunt force trauma.  Read More »


#WhenIWas Sheds Light on Sexual Harassment of Youth

Thanks to Everyday Sexism, an online project dedicated to collecting real stories of sexism and sexual harassment, both women and men who have experienced sexual harassment or assault have been empowered to expose how early in life many people are faced with these issues.  Using the hashtag #WhenIWas, Twitter users are encouraged to share what age they were when they first encountered sexual harassment or assault.Read More »

Sex Workers and Rape

The stories of sex workers who have experienced rape are abundant and yet often cruelly dismissed. This is evidenced by the public responses to many cases, including recently when multiple porn stars accused fellow star James Deen of rape.  Porn stars and prostitutes are often disregarded because of the social stigma on their work, and because of the altogether incorrect notion that rape is only significant when it happens to the sexually inexperienced.Read More »