March 18th is Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

Thanks to the NWG Network’s efforts to spread awareness, social media is showing support today by sharing information about Child Sexual Exploitation.  Declaring March 18th Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, the UK-based Network has inspired many to post facts about CSE on social media, and write messages on their hands and post them using the hashtag #HelpingHands along with a message about CSE.  

We have written many times about Child Sexual Exploitation and our related resources, including our Child Sexual Exploitation 2-Volume Set and Quick Reference.    Child Sexual Exploitation

Initiatives like this, to raise awareness, truly help this issue because oftentimes the responsibility of identifying and reporting Child Sexual Exploitation lies on the general public, and so it is crucial to make sure that the general public is aware of the problem, the signs, and ways to address Child Sexual Exploitation.  The NWG offers more ways to help on their website.

NWG also offers an extensive list of signs that may indicate a child has been sexually exploited.  These signs of course do not necessarily prove that exploitation has occurred, but should be indicators to parents and other adults that there may be something nefarious going on.  These signs include:

  • Sudden changes in appearance
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases
  • Sexualized risk taking, including sexting and other uses of the internet
  • Volatile behavior

and more.



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