Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” Spreads Domestic Violence Awareness

The musician, Hozier, is known for his powerful music videos and rarely does he release a new one that is not trending the next day.  This time, to match the tone of his hauntingly lovely new song “Cherry Wine,” Hozier released an equally haunting video to spread domestic violence awareness and benefit its victims.

The song is written from the perspective of a man facing domestic abuse, and is meant to highlight the way in which victims are compelled to justify their abuser’s behaviors, a troubling phenomenon we discuss in our abuse prevention titles Violence Against Women and Intimate Partner Violence.  We have discussed the importance of shedding light on male victimization because of the way in which it is often dismissed by society, and we applaud Hozier for tackling this issue.

The video depicts a woman experiencing domestic violence at the hands of her male partner.  It shows the man being overtly affectionate and kind to the woman, while strategically revealing only at the perfect moments, her prominent black eye.  The video demonstrates the way in which abusers manipulate their victims by showing affection whenever abuse is not occurring.  This helps to convince the victim that their situation is not really abusive, because it is difficult to imagine that someone so kind can truly be so malicious, making the victim doubt their own perception of their abusive experience.

The video uses mirrors strategically, at one point depicting two completely separate images of the same woman side-by-side on the screen.  Two mirrors reflect the same woman twice – one by the injured half of her face, the other by the clean, made-up half.  It seems to depict the two separate people living within an abuse victim – the victim and the person themselves.

Proceeds from downloading the single go directly to multiple organizations supporting domestic violence victims and viewers of the video are encouraged to help spread awareness of the issue on social media by using the hashtag #faceuptodomesticviolence.  You can view the video below


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