Support for Sexual Assault Victims Takes Center Stage at the Oscars

Last night’s 88th Academy Awards ceremony has been generating buzz for months now for two primary reasons: the lack of diversity among nominees launched a conversation about race and white privilege in Hollywood, and fans all over the internet have been full of excitement for Leonardo DiCaprio’s opportunity (and victory) in finally securing the coveted Best Actor award that many feel he has deserved for decades now.  The racial controversy was heavily addressed and the show brought even more issues to the conversation, such as climate change on which DiCaprio gave a riveting speech upon receiving his award, and sexual assault.Read More »


‘One Love’ to Stop Dating Violence

Adolescents and young adults are at an especially high risk for dating violence, and this topic is very important to us.  We have published multiple articles on the topic, and many of our prevention and treatment textbooks such as Violence Against Women and Intimate Partner Violence contain chapters on Adolescent Dating Violence.  Our spotlight today is on One Love, a movement advocating for widespread awareness of the early signs of dating violence.Read More »

Types of Emotional Abuse of Children

Parents, teachers, and caregivers often want to prevent and stop child abuse but feel unqualified to identify or report it.  Our affordable resource, Helping Children Affected by Abuse is designed for the exact purpose of making teachers and caregivers feel more confident in their ability to identify and report child abuse as well as understanding their responsibility to do so.  In one chapter, we focus on helping to identify types of emotional abuse and risk indicators for emotional abuse.Read More »

Judge Denies Kesha Separation from Sony in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations

As we’ve written about before, singer/songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert (known by fans as simply Kesha) has been locked in a legal battle to be released from her contract with Sony producer Dr. Luke who she says raped, sexually harassed, and emotionally abused her throughout her career.  Kesha’s contract requires her to record six more albums with Dr. Luke effectively putting her career on hold pending an injunction which was denied by the New York Supreme Court’s Shirley Kornreich this past Friday.Read More »

What to Do When a Male Victim Discloses Domestic Violence

While many people still think of domestic violence as a women’s issue, there are many instances in which the victim of intimate partner violence is male.  This is the case in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships.  While it is common for all domestic violence cases to go unreported, this can be especially true for cases in which the victim is male, as stigma often perpetuates the false ideas that men cannot be victims or should be able to handle it.

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