The Sexual Assault Response Team

Until the late 1970s, the response to sexual assault was handled differently and separately by professionals of each involved discipline.  

Medical professionals, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and advocates would approach the same case independently.  With time, professionals realized that a team-based approach could more thoroughly serve the victim of sexual assault and that the individual goals of each professional could be met more quickly and easily by working together with other professionals on the case.

Since then, Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) have become the standard and have been proven much more effective than the individual approach.  This multidisciplinary construct is the basis for our books, which serve similarly to examine Sexual Assault from a legal, medical, and social services perspective to provide a more well-rounded approach.

Our resource, Medical Response to Sexual Assault includes a comprehensive chapter on the SART model and its effectiveness.

The chapter examines the individual roles within the SART as well as how a single SART can treat an individual more effectively, and work to keep the victim comfortable and safe more easily, than professionals working independently toward the same goal.


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