Sexual Misconduct in Police Departments

At STM Learning, we take a great deal of pride in partnering with law enforcement professionals and ensuring that every police chief, sheriff, sergeant, and officer that we can is educated on ending child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  

Working with law enforcement has been important to us because so many officers are passionate about making a difference and with proper education have the ability to do so.  But of course complications arise when a select few decide to abuse their position in law enforcement, and, in addition to muddying the reputation of law enforcement as a whole, become a part of the problem.  Some officers have been caught raping women by luring them into secluded areas, or threatening them with arrest if they do not perform sexual acts on the officer.

As reported in a disturbing article released in today’s Post Dispatch, over 1,000 law enforcement officials had their licenses revoked for sexual misconduct in the past five years alone, and that is likely only a percentage of officials who have committed sexual assault or misconduct.  Any range of factors, from budget cuts to lack of supervision, can contribute to the rise of the “predator cop.”

Many police chiefs, sergeants, and sheriffs have worked to prevent these instances from occurring, requiring officers to wear body cams, keep GPS active, and often call a second officer for assistance when detaining females to prove that no sexual assault, rape, or sexual misconduct of any kind has occurred during her detainment.

Stopping those select few “bad cops” who rape and assault will no doubt be a long and difficult process.  We hope that our Sexual Assault resources targeted at educating law enforcement on the signs of sexual assault could help identify sexual misconduct when it is occurring.



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