How Weapons Are Used in Domestic Violence

Whether perpetrators of domestic violence should be allowed to own weapons has been a topic of great interest in recent months.

It is a topic that we discuss in our book, Violence Against Women, which is written by multiple world-renowned experts and targeted at medical and legal professionals, but uses non-technical language making it a perfect resource for anyone trying to understand domestic violence.

Regardless of your stance on the gun control issue, it is always important to ask about access to weapons when screening for domestic violence, especially firearms. Perpetrators of intimate partner violence are statistically much more likely to own firearms than non-violent males. This, of course, does not mean that all owners of firearms are violent, but it could be considered a red flag in a possible domestic violence screening.

In domestic violence situations, the presence of a firearm greatly increases the risk of fatality, a topic that is of great interest to STM Learning, Inc. Stopping domestic violence from becoming fatal is, of course, a very high priority for everyone.

What may be surprising to some, however, is that firearms and other weapons can actually be used as effectively as a form of emotional abuse. Threatening a partner, their children, pets, or anyone else they care about with a weapon can be horrifically traumatic and cause permanent emotional scars. Additionally, some perpetrators of domestic violence will actually use the threat of harming themselves as a way to manipulate and traumatize their victims.

STM Learning, Inc.

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