How Weapons Are Used in Domestic Violence

Whether perpetrators of domestic violence should be allowed to own weapons has been a topic of great interest in recent months.Read More »


Interview with Author and DV Advocate Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer is an American Author and domestic violence advocate whose gripping memoir has brought validation to countless domestic violence survivors and understanding to countless others.  To celebrate the recent anniversary of The House on Sunsets release, Fischer joined us for an interview.  The views expressed below are those of Lindsay Fischer.Read More »

Non-Fatal Strangulation Laws and Domestic Violence

This week is the anniversary of the attack which ultimately led to the death of Monica Weber-Jeter, a medical assistant and mother of five whose husband killed her after being released from prison on a charge of misdemeanor assault.  Her abusive husband served 11 days in jail for strangling Weber-Jeter and went on to stab her and leave her bleeding and in critical condition in front of two of their children.  She died a month later from the injury.  Read More »