Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Lifespan

A complete desk-reference for sexual assault of all kinds, our two-volume Sexual Assault set is a necessity for anyone involved in the sexual assault screening, treating, or investigation process.  The multidisciplinary guide includes information necessary for physicians, EMTs, nurses, social service agencies, judges, and law enforcement to identifying and understanding sexual assault in victims of all ages.

The first volume in our complete set is a clinical guide to sexual assault, including information on the entire scope of the issue, from physical to psychological medical problems associated with sexual assault, to the evaluation process, to the legal screening and trial issues of sexual assault, the reference serves as a complete guide to sexual assault from any angle.  Sexual Assault also includes in-depth information about the differences in identifying sexual assault in male and female victims as well as in children, adults, and the elderly.

The second volume in the set can serve as a thorough pictorial guide to aiding in physical investigations.  Visually, the Color Atlas of the set will help any investigator understand exactly what to look for.  Full-color images of real physical examinations serve as a complete reference to practice and hone the skills necessary to identify the physical signs of sexual assault in people of all ages.

The two-volume set also includes a supplementary Flash CD-ROM including educational exercises to practice identifying sexual assault as well as videos and other media to help educate people of all disciplines what criteria a sexual assault case should meet.


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