Meathead Movers Aims to Help Domestic Violence Survivors Relocate

We detail, in our resources, the many reasons that victims of domestic violence don’t leave their abusers.  From psychological control to the fear of being hurt if caught leaving, escaping abuse is by no means a simple task.  California company Meathead Movers aims to help with the process of escaping.

The physical move itself can be as daunting as the psychological aspects of escaping abuse.  It is both physically and financially demanding and oftentimes, domestic violence victims are isolated from friends and family, meaning that they would have to either abandon all belongings and start fresh, or move everything they own on their own without their abuser finding out.  This is a seemingly impossible task and combined with the fear and stress associated with leaving, many women who realize their situation has turned abusive give up on the prospect of moving away.

Meathead Movers saves Domestic Violence victims in California the worry of physically moving by offering free service to domestic abuse victims leaving their abusers.  Meathead Movers has been going above and beyond to move Domestic Violence victims for free, and when the story of their generosity went viral, used their newfound exposure to encourage other businesses to do the same.

The #MovetoEndDV campaign that they started encourages all sorts of businesses to offer any service they can to help victims of domestic violence escape abuse.  If your company would like to take the pledge, you can do so here. 


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