Jacquelyn Campbell to Speak at 2015 Driving Change Conference

We are proud to say that renowned expert in Intimate Partner Violence and contributor to our complete resource on Violence Against Women, Jacquelyn Campbell will be speaking at this year’s Driving Change Conference in Boston, Massachusettes.  Read More »


Domestic Violence Turns Fatal for ‘Ghost Adventures’ Stars

Sadly, we’ve seen similar stories too many times to count.  Quite recently, with the death of actress E’dena Hines, granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, we used our Intimate Partner Violence guide to explain how Domestic Violence can turn fatal and how to identify the signs.  Unfortunately, now we must revisit the topic due to the death of Mark and Debby Constantino.  The paranormal investigators from the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have both lost their lives in what has been determined to be years of domestic violence culminating in a tragic murder/suicide.

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How Consent Education Could Stop Sexual Assault on College Campuses

There have been many high-profile cases of sexual assault on college campuses this past year as well as many powerful stories about victims taking a stand against their abusers to get legal justice for suffering their victimization, but accompanying these stories are always some negative responses.  Assertions that it was the victim’s fault or that the victim is overreacting are all too common in these situations.Read More »

The Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims, as Evidenced by Kesha’s Case

Social media has been ablaze with support today for singer/songwriter Kesha who, after allegedly enduring years of sexual assault from her producer, has decided to press charges, but unfortunately the artist is suffering even more.  While her legal team fights for her to escape from her contract with Dr. Luke, the producer who has allegedly raped and abused her, Kesha is legally forbidden from furthering her musical career pending an injunction.

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Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

As we note in our Sexual Assault Desk Reference, it is incredibly crucial that male victims of Sexual Assault are not treated as a footnote to the discussion of sexual assault as a whole.  Many victims of sexual assault are male, and the perpetrators of these crimes can be male or female.  Treating these relatively common cases of male sexual assault as if they are marginalized and isolated incidents is only contributing to the stigma that keeps male victims silent and untreated far too often.

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Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Lifespan

A complete desk-reference for sexual assault of all kinds, our two-volume Sexual Assault set is a necessity for anyone involved in the sexual assault screening, treating, or investigation process.  The multidisciplinary guide includes information necessary for physicians, EMTs, nurses, social service agencies, judges, and law enforcement to identifying and understanding sexual assault in victims of all ages.

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Why She Doesn’t Leave: The Barriers to Ending Domestic Violence

The solution to domestic violence can seem so simple that some find it difficult to empathize with victims.  Leaving the partner, it would seem, would end the violent partnership and save the victim.  This is a commonly held yet oversimplified view and there are a lot of reasons why leaving a violent intimate partnership is much more difficult than ending a relatively healthy intimate partnership.  Read More »

Charles Wilson to Speak at Child Protection Summit

Among the many incredible presenters expected at the 2015 Child Protection Summit where we will be exhibiting this week is Charles Wilson, the accomplished Executive Director of the Chadwick Center for Children and Families.  The Chadwick Center is one of the largest child advocacy and trauma treatment centers in the country, and its multidisciplinary approach involves doctors, nurses, social workers, and people from a variety of disciplines to contribute to the welfare of children.Read More »