New Digital Resource for Domestic Violence Victims in Canada

A new online experiment hopes to help victims of Domestic Violence in Canada be safe and secure whether or not they are prepared to leave their violent partners.

iCan Plan 4 Safety is in its experimental phases right now, but hopes to provide women in abusive situations with personalized safety plans to prevent abuse from escalating.  Women who use the site may not realize the gravity of their abusive situations, and many may not even identify their situation as abusive, but the website will offer a judgment-free zone where domestic violence victims can create a plan to keep themselves and their children safe.

Many victims do not immediately recognize domestic violence when it is happening to them.  For this reason, the experiment hopes to appeal to women who know that their situation may be unsafe but does not necessarily recognize the abuse they are suffering from.  This way, more women can be saved from abusive situations before they escalate.

The more controversial part of the experiment is that iCan Plan 4 Safety will not be attempting to force domestic violence victims to leave their partners.  While leaving is obviously the best option for domestic violence victims, this organization understands the complex nature of domestic violence and refuses to alienate victims who do not feel prepared to leave their abusers by forcing the issue.  Instead, they provide customized safety plans whether the victim plans to leave their abuser or not.


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