Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Aims to Help Domestic Abuse Victims

Their vision is simple and admirable.  “A community free of violence and abuse.” In the United Arab Emirates, the first ever non-profit organization to benefit women and children affected by domestic abuse  has been working proudly towards their goal since 2007, and has helped hundreds of women and children recover from verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.  

The organization aims to prevent Intimate Partner Violence, Violence against Children, and Human Trafficking.  The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DWFAC) aims to end violence through educating the public on the dangers and social problems associated with domestic violence, as well as providing shelter and psychological care for survivors of domestic abuse.

DWFAC emphasizes in their web resources that violence against women is not exclusively physical, which is a message that we are passionate about at STMLearning and we hope continues to spread.  We have talked often here about the effects of sexual abuse and mental abuse, as well as long-term effects of domestic violence such as PTSD, and many of our comprehensive resources include information on non-physical abuse.

In addition to providing rehabilitation services for women and children struggling with Domestic Abuse, DFWAC provides resources to help educate the public on the problems with domestic violence and human trafficking.


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