Child Sexual Exploitation Resources

The topic of Child Sexual Exploitation is timely and troublesome, with high profile cases of child pornography coming out all the time.  It is crucial that medical, legal, and social services professionals are well informed on the topic of child sexual exploitation in order to identify it, prevent it, and address it when necessary.

STM Learning offers a variety of resources for professionals to stay educated on many topics regarding child safety.  Specifically on the topic of child sexual exploitation, we offer two different options.  Our comprehensive two-volume set includes over 1,000 pages of information on Child pornography, child prostitution, and internet crimes against children.   The information ranges from the psychological effects on child victims to ethical issues in assessing perpetrators.  The book includes psychological profiles of adult survivors of child sexual exploitation, medical analyses of child pornography, as well as 100 pages of recommendations for preventing child sexual exploitation.  This set is an absolute necessity in the library of any professional with an interest in combatting child sexual exploitation.

Our alternative or supplementary option is our Child Sexual Exploitation Quick Reference.  Containing much of the same information but on a less in-depth scale,  the Quick Reference serves as a convenient field guide to summarize the information that can be accessed more in-detail from our two-volume set.  Small and accessible, the simplicity of the field guide allows for quick refreshing on many of the same topics, again ranging from the effects of sexual exploitation on children to the ethics involved in handling suspected offenders.

Each resource is detailed and useful for anyone in the legal, social, or medical professions.  Either is an absolute necessity for anyone who is involved first-hand in the investigation of Child Sexual Exploitation.


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