NCAC Celebrates 30 Years of Fighting Child Abuse

In 1985, Congressman Robert “Bud” Cramer was the District Attorney of Madison County where he recognized the need for a more effective system to fight child abuse. He founded the National Child Advocacy Center (NCAC) in order to meet that need.  Cramer was inspired to create a full multidisciplinary approach to child abuse cases, pulling together law enforcement, social services, medical professionals, CPS, and criminal justice professionals together to fight the common enemy of child abuse.  The NCAC has developed over the past three decades and helped countless children by spreading child abuse education.  To date, people from all fifty states and over 30 foreign countries have been trained by the NCAC to treat and prevent child abuse.

Today, there is a CAC in every part of the country, and each offers a place where children can be safely and carefully interviewed and receive medical attention, including psychological evaluations.  The interview process can be traumatic for children and if done improperly can even result in exaggerated or false accounts of abuse, so having an organization that is fully educated on interviewing procedures and child abuse victims’ comforts is incredibly helpful to the mission to end child abuse.

NCAC is celebrating the milestone with an initiative to teach the public about what the NCAC has been doing for the past thirty years and why it has been so successful.

Congressman Cramer has been an advocate for STMLearning as well, even providing the foreword to our comprehensive review of Child Sexual Exploitation.

We congratulate and thank NCAC for thirty years of service to children and an influential campaign to help put a stop to child abuse.


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