The Date Safe Project Aims to Educate About Consent and Respect

Around 2/3 of Americans are unaware of what constitutes sexual consent, and we’ve written before about the importance of keeping people informed.  The Date Safe Project aims to do just that.  Created after founder Mike Domitrz found out that his sister had been sexually assaulted, the project attempts to teach individuals and institutions about respectful dating practices and active consent.

The project encourages outward communication of consent, using books like May I Kiss You? to illustrate what proper sexual consent should look like.  The book as well as the project itself gives tips on how to have more respectful romantic relationships.

The project teaches schools, teachers, military organizations, and parents how to deal with disrespect in relationships, and how to educate people about consent and prevent future instances of sexual violence.  It also focuses heavily on how to have a relationship founded on respect, how to intervene if you witness disrespect in a relationship, and why respect is the key to eliminating dating violence and sexual assault.


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