ALP Proposes Domestic Violence Leave

The Australian Labor Party has just held its 47th National Conference this past weekend.  Among the many issues discussed in the conference was a proposal to offer paid leave to domestic violence victims which would include psychological treatment and legal services.  Similar laws have been proposed in the United States with twelve states implementing them already at the time of this writing.

These laws encourage many victims to seek medical help when needed, as well as to take the time necessary for psychological healing.  The freedom to seek help afforded by employers could help countless victims to remove themselves from dangerous domestic violence situations without feeling unnecessary guild or financial strain.

Aside from the tragic effects it has on victims, domestic violence always brings about a huge blow to the economy, which may be the key to gaining political backing for these types of proposals.  Many victims lose their jobs, miss work, or even become homeless because of intimate partner violence, a problem which could potentially be supplemented by these kinds of laws.

This addition to the Labor Party’s political stance could be historical for Australia.  Offering support to victims of domestic violence can help end the stigma, encourage healing, and support the community.


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