‘The House on Sunset’ Brings Validation to Domestic Violence Survivors

The House on Sunset began simply as a true, heartbreaking story and evolved into something much greater when it was released to the public. The book became a window into the graphic world of an abusive relationship, giving understanding to many who have been lucky enough to avoid this world, and validation to countless survivors.

Its author, Lindsay Fischer has been blogging about her experiences with domestic violence for a long time under the pseudonym Sarafina Bianco to protect herself from her violent former partner. With her face half-hidden and her name disguised, Fischer gave a voice to many readers who could identify their own experiences and emotions in her work. Now, after the success of the beautifully written autobiography, Fischer has made the incredibly brave decision to re-release the book under her own name, with her full picture proudly displayed on her website. We congratulate her on her success, the rerelease of her book, and her reclaiming of her public identity. The new edition of the book will be released on July 27th.

Part of our mission at STM Learning is to help spread awareness about domestic violence so that legal, social services, and medical professionals can better identify it.  We do so using our books, such as Violence Against Women and Intimate Partner Violence.  Educating people about domestic violence is important, because it can be harder to identify than someone might think.

This applies to victims themselves as well.  Identifying domestic violence when it is happening to you can be especially difficult.  Many victims feel that they are overreacting to their abuse, or that their situation is really not that bad.  Fischer’s book serves as a clear picture of what domestic abuse looks like, and she is bold enough to unflinchingly proclaim “this was abuse.”  Many victims can benefit from this by identifying their own struggles in Fischer’s, and receiving the validation necessary to begin the healing process.  A short and easy-to-follow read, we believe that The House on Sunset has the capacity to inspire, help, and even save lives of many domestic violence survivors and is a wonderful resource for any survivor doubting the seriousness of his or her situation.  While it should be approached patiently and with caution due to the graphic nature of the book which may include triggers for some, the validation this book provides victims can truly be an effective first step toward recovery.

Update:  You can purchase the new edition of the book here


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