Child Fatality Review Resources

The death of a child is a tragedy that we all hope never to face in our lives, but more than 53,000 children under the age of eighteen die each year in the United States alone.  The variety of reasons for these deaths is incalculable and many of these causes are potentially preventable.  For this reason, it is the responsibility of a child fatality review team to learn from the death of a child how to prevent future similar events and save the lives of many other children.

Our Child Fatality Review and Child Fatality Review Quick Reference are the only books of their kind.  They serve as complete resources and field guides for child fatality review teams and as staples in any medical library.  These books are crucial tools to any professional in medicine, criminal justice, forensics, social services, public health, or child advocacy to better understand child fatality and learn how to prevent it.

While most literature used for child death investigation is targeted at a single profession, our Child Fatality Review guides are unique in that they are comprehensive tools to benefit all parties involved in investigations.

These books review many possible causes of death, from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), to suicide, to intimate partner violence in teens, and many more.


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